About Siren PR

We connect brands that matter with the people who need them

Ours is a team of high performers. We take on our clients’ missions and work hard, smart, and fast to accomplish a lot. We build and nurture relationships, with each other, with clients, and with journalists. We care about impact and data. We think best with music powering the office atmosphere. We value entrepreneurial spirit, courage, and emotional intelligence (among other things).

We Believe

We all have a story to tell, and those stories deserve to be heard

  • Feedback is a gift
  • Public relations and marketing should be integrated
  • Relationships are at the core of what we do
  • When measuring results, data is our friend
  • When you believe in something, you’re better at it
  • Looking good isn’t enough; being good is most important
  • Tomorrow will bring change, so begin today

Innovation Week

We embrace the mantra that success is never a reason to get comfortable, and we coach our clients to do the same. How do we live that? Each October we slow the roll of client work to nearly a halt, and dedicate an entire work week to innovation and creativity. We call this Innovation Week, and it’s become a cornerstone of Siren’s culture.

Who We Are

Meet the people behind Siren PR

We’re strategists, visionaries, integrators, and here to further your brand’s mission. We are comfortable enough to laugh and cry together, and tough enough to drive each other forward.


Chief Executive Officer

Chief Marketing Officer
Our team builds deep connections with each other, our clients, and the media.
We bridge the gap between the people we know, who should know each other.

Senior Account Executive

Account Executive

Account Executive

Business Manager
Relationships are at the core of what we do.

Our Journey

Tough lessons and big wins

We are driven entrepreneurs and best friends who launched Siren PR in 2012 with a shared desire to elevate the companies fueling Detroit’s resurgence. The economy was still recovering from the Great Recession when we left behind stable jobs to create a public relations firm rooted in authenticity and connection. Nearly everyone advised us against it, warning it was too risky. They said we shouldn’t bet on the Detroit ecosystem. They said we shouldn’t be equal partners. But we did it anyway, because fear alone has never stopped us.

As young women with limited resources who started a business in a shaky economy, we knew the best way to grow and succeed was to work our asses off, plain and simple. So that’s what we did. Our instinct has always been to work smarter than everyone else – to be intensely strategic and obsessed with constantly doing it better. 

As Siren matured, we encountered tough lessons and big wins along the way, learning what it takes to excel at both public relations and business leadership. We scaled peak after peak on our way up, occasionally sliding into some daunting valleys. A pivotal moment came in May of 2017 when we got real about the kind of team we needed by our side, and cleared house. We were suddenly left with a full roster of clients to serve with zero help, and the seemingly insurmountable task of building a high-performing team from scratch.With our partnership as a rock-solid foundation, we doubled down on our culture. We created a beautiful space to spend our weeks in a historic Royal Oak building, defined our values, got clear on what it means to be a Siren, and defined the structure around our hiring process.They say when building a company you should focus on people, product, and profit. We chose people first, and it was a major turning point. Two years later we had assembled a team of incredible individuals who deliver results and thrive off each others’ energy.From the beginning, Siren has focused intently on helping our clients promote their brands and tell their stories. Along the way we have evolved into a catalyst for meaningful connection and transformative growth for our team members and clients alike.As we look to the future, we’re driven to find new ways to solve problems that PR clients have, while staying grounded in our core beliefs: Being good is the first step to looking good; it’s all about relationships; and if there is a story within you, it deserves to be heard.