Lindsey Walenga and Adela PiperLed by Lindsey Walenga and Adela Piper, Siren PR is a strategic public relations firm that strengthens brands through authentic communication.

Our process

Our 7-step approach means you will be heard and our plan will fit your goals, no one else’s. In both building your brand and promoting it we seek to help you be the strongest, most alluring you by discovering and owning who you are as both a business and a leader. There’s a bit of life coaching in that sense, so hold on to your seats, because a brand is only as strong as those who represent it.  Whether its choosing a logo color to writing about a political passion topic, we’ll make you famous for your unique and true values and expertise.

From us you can count on efficient use of time and brainpower, ingenuity, a spark of fun, unparalleled work ethic and most importantly, a team of highly skilled public relations experts who believe in you.

Siren PR represents clients with one distinct trait: a mission we can adopt as our own. Are you a company or nonprofit making an impact? Whether you’re selling a product you feel passionately about, or are seeking to grow a cause, let’s chat.