Innovation Week: Five Days. 120 Ideas. A Stronger Team.

As Siren PR looks to the future, we must boldly ask ourselves – how will we solve problems our PR clients have in different and better ways? To us, the answer is clear: by prioritizing innovation and leaning into the growing pains that come as a result of it.  

So how do we do that?

Despite being in a creative field, it’s difficult to make time for innovating. Inspired by best-selling author Josh Linkner’s books Disciplined Dreaming and Road to Reinvention, we learned that putting structure around creativity was essential to prioritizing innovation – and in doing so, we could break away from the pack of PR firms who are slow to change.

So we decided to lead by example. We set aside five days dedicated to letting go of the old and welcoming in new, fresh ideas to move us forward. And just like that, Innovation Week was born.

Day One: Connecting

It’s Monday at the office, but email isn’t dinging and the phones aren’t ringing. We’ve taken the week off from client work and are so grateful for our clients’ support. They get how important innovation is – one of the many reasons we love them.

Day one is about getting our creative juices flowing, through games and brainstorming and fun. We are ready to shake things up and want all ideas on the table, no matter how wacky they are! We have a powerful sharing session: laughter and emotions abound as our team eases into the week. We can already tell, this is going to be great.

Day Two: Adventure Day

What better way to spark inspiration than by feeling the sun on your face? Today we’re outside, hiking and breathing crisp autumn air.  

Here, we ask ourselves: What does Siren PR do? Why do we do it? Which habits hold us back? Which are redundant? Which are truly serving us well? If we can’t figure out on answer – get rid of it! We feel lighter already.

Day Three: Fairy tales and magic

The team arrives to an office decorated with unicorns and Skittles. Everyone chooses a magic wand and we ask ourselves two thrilling questions:

If we could invent the ideal solution to our clients needs, what would it be?


How would we tell our clients’ stories if money and fear were not factors?

By the end of this day we have dozens of ideas to choose from.

Day Four: Wonder Women

This day is for making our ideas stronger. We wear superhero capes and challenge each other to be better. We ask the tough questions that reveal both weaknesses and potential in our ideas, and begin to envision how each new concept will play out in the real world.

Day Five: Demo Day

It’s game time! After a week immersed in creativity and innovation, it’s time to let our startup souls shine and pitch the ideas that have been developed all week.

Each Siren presents indisputable facts, describe confounding problems that absolutely must be solved, and make compelling arguments for their proposed solutions. We are absolutely blown away and all ideas get the green light!

The Results

After five full days of innovation, we:

✓ Filled 19 jumbo-sized sticky notes and one giant white board with new ideas
✓ Identified 120 ideas that could benefit Siren and our clients
✓ Developed 5 creative concepts to implement in the coming year

And those ideas will absolutely serve our clients well! But there’s something even bigger and better. We could feel it brewing all week long: It’s this amazing team. The incredible people who showed their bravery and strength by challenging their own habits and perceptions.

We began Innovation Week with high hopes and open minds, and in the end we found deep respect, trust and inspiration in each other. We couldn’t have asked for a stronger foundation upon which to grow our business and serve our clients and community in different and better ways.

It’s safe to say that Innovation Week is here to stay and we cannot wait for the next one!