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Case Study

FinTech Consortium North American Expansion to Detroit FinTech Bay

FinTech Consortium planned to announce its entrance to the North American market with Detroit FinTech Bay, a physical hub to incubate insightful, scalable and impactful fintech initiatives and innovations. With a growing fintech presence in Detroit, Detroit FinTech Bay needed to build positive relationships within the financial, tech, and startup community in order to set itself up as a credible downtown incubator for corporate partners and entrepreneurs.

Our Role

Ingrained with knowledge of Detroit’s startup & tech community, we were chosen as their strategic partner consulting on external communication, social media and media relations to elevate Detroit FinTech Bay’s momentous entrance into the North American market.


Entering into multiple markets and an already-blossoming fintech scene, Detroit FinTech Bay needed to establish a strong local reputation while also differentiating itself  from other incubators and hubs. In order to make their voice heard among the crowd, we needed to tell a unique story and make a positive impact with a strong media presence.

Our Solution

We developed a specially-timed rollout of announcements, beginning with honoring the Detroit market above all others, and announcing Detroit FinTech Bay’s intent to launch in early 2019. Beyond the initial announcement, innovation, solution, and founding partner announcements through media and social media followed.

Our approach included:

  • Developing strong, consistent messaging reflective of Detroit FinTech Bay’s mission to accelerate and enhance the fintech ecosystem
  • Connecting with key media partners to make waves in the Detroit fintech market
  • Keeping a pulse on relevant media opportunities to position the organization as a thought leader in finance and technology
  • Sending out a PR Newswire release to increase visibility nationwide

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