Public Relations

Earn the attention and respect of your target audience

With extensive public relations, spanning internal, external, media and social, your world will grow as your audiences find you. Our relationships will be your benefit as strategies take your company down the right path, however that journey may look. We’ll customize your campaigns based on your goals and soon, the world will love what it hears about you.

Strategic communication plan

A roadmap for public relations strategies, integrated with your other communication initiatives. This plan outlines what will happen for the next several months to year and can include media pitches, events, social media campaigns and more.

Integration with existing plans

Public relations efforts are most successful when paired with whatever else is going on – the right hand talking to the left. We’ll make sure your Is are dotted and your Ts are crossed.

Media training

We can’t all be naturals on camera. We’ll make sure you are prepared and comfortable for your big moment on camera, on the air, or in print. In-depth and on the fly sessions, plus everything in between will make your break a big one.

Media relations

The bread and butter; your link to the world. We love media relations and that’s good news for you. We have the connections your company needs for authentic and reciprocal media coverage.

Media list

A custom approach to the media is the only option there is, as far as we’re concerned. For each client and each of their initiatives, a custom media list is produced and then used to garner media attention and, most importantly, build and strengthen relationships on your behalf.

Media kit

Online and in person, a compilation of pieces the media will appreciate makes you look like a rock star and makes a reporter love you. Both good things.

Crisis communication

It’s not smooth sailing all the time. We can help proactively manage a situation or react in real time and 24/7 when proactive is not an option. Your reputation is at stake and that means ours is; we’ll not only keep your head above water but help you come out of a crisis stronger than going into it.

Copy writing

Speeches, brochures, websites, white papers, social media posts, annual reports… we write it all and always with your brand voice and key messaging points on target.


Design campaigns

The next trending hash tag, the next viral video, the next interactive post. We strategize to do it all.

Execute campaigns

Someone’s gotta do it. Let it be us.


Creating engaging situations and lifelong fans with interactive, authentic posts.


We’ll set goals, track progress, and then exceed your wildest expectations.



From the idea scribbled on a napkin to a strategic and intricately detailed plan and including everything from guest lists and drink lists to napkin colors and lighting.


The scheme behind the party. Want to get the hottest VIP there? Want to celebrate your amazing employees? Raise a ton of money? We’ll help you figure out what your big goal is, and help you achieve it.


Dozens of details must align in just the right way for an event to go off without a hitch. We are experts at making that happen.

On-site help

The day of your event should be enjoyed, not spent on intricate details. Let us be there to share the burden, or take it all.

Example events

Launches, fundraisers, grand openings, press conferences, ground breakings, ribbon cuttings



Whether you need to build from scratch or seek to refine what you have, we make sure your best foot is forward.

Establishing (or polishing) your brand is sometimes needed. The soul of your company will come forward and after branding is complete, your key audiences will be able to easily grasp, remember, and fall in love with your company. This process may be robust, if you’re a startup without an established brand, or rapid if you’re a company who’s been around and needs a salon day before the big meeting. We’ll be as thorough as we need to be and you will shine brighter than ever.


Your brand is the embodiment of who you are, woven into your company. We’ll uncover the gems that make up your brand.


Gems sometimes need polishing. We turn your rough brand elements and craft messaging that is relatable by everyone. Your brand becomes easy to talk about and easy to remember.


The long haul: a reality we all have to deal with. Your brand will have relevant longevity if it’s management properly and at each opportunity right from the start.

Design elements


You only have one chance at a first impression. Make the most of it with a logo that defines your company, embodies your brand and leaves an unforgettable impression. Your logo will be designed based on your brand discovery session and in line with priorities and preferences.

Marketing materials

Leave behind a business card, brochure, flyer, postcard or anything else. Just make sure the piece uses every opportunity to begin a conversation about your company, or strengthen your brand. We can help make sure your marketing materials do their job.

Website refresh/rebuild

Not ready to start from scratch? Consider a website refresh, where your current site is overhauled with new design elements, copy writing, and possibly restructuring. Want a clean slate? A website rebuild will be custom, optimized, totally in line with your brand, and ready to draw in customers and admirers alike.


A natural extension of your brand, an invitation sets the tone for your special event. The opportunity to strengthen your brand through an invitation is one that should always be taken.

Brand roll out


We get your team on the same page about your brand with both excitement and a common voice. Your biggest supporters will move mountains to spread the word if they feel ownership over the new brand.


The world needs to know your brand. Let us tell them and get them hooked onto you.

The details

With each roll out comes serious planning and strategy. From trainings custom designed for your team to online newsletter communication with your customers to all the nuances in between, we have the experience to cover the details.

Brand ambassadorship

Training your team

You and your team are your biggest brand ambassadors. We get everyone on the same page. Your message only gets stronger and your team falls more in love with your brand. We call that a win-win.


We’ll help recruit people who will make your company stronger than it’s ever been, from strategic partners who’ll endorse your brand to desirable board members knocking down your doors.