Team / Adela Piper

Chief Marketing Officer

Adela Piper

Cut from the cloth of tenacity and creativity woven together, Adela brings to Siren an uncanny ability to generate enthusiasm for people and brands. Her marketing instincts and ability to quickly earn trust and loyalty have helped Siren grow from an idea between two friends to a full-strength, strategic public relations firm.

By bringing innovative thinking into communication strategy, Adela leads marketing, tech, and Siren and client strategy. With an eye on trends and an ear to the latest news in each industry that matters to Siren’s client roster, she is always in the know. Her ability to glean important details from the outside – and apply them to Siren’s core services on the inside – creates unique opportunities to best position clients as experts in their industries.

Adela thrives when creating better experiences for Siren’s team and clients. She spearheaded enhanced visual storytelling into both planning and measurement. Because of her efforts our answers to the following questions are rather unlike those of other PR firms.

Should marketing plans be delightful? Siren clients tell us they are, because they are built to methodically flow, push, and energize them.

Are PR reports pretty? At Siren they are, while telling impactful stories of results earned.

How much data is too much? We’ll answer that question with another: How much data can we get our hands on? We dive way deeper than advertising value equivalency, pulling in traditional results along with SEO and social proof to depict impact, plus more. We analyze results before delivering them, and use them to build strategy that guides our next steps.

Why did you choose the PR and marketing field?

I was struck by the amplification that’s possible within this field. Tools to tell stories… ways to make connections… all of it seemed like a creative way to make a positive impact in the world. As an eternal optimist, I knew there was more positivity out there that needed to be shared, and I wanted in.

Which Siren PR value speaks to you the most? Why?

A combination of entrepreneurial spirit and impact. I am an immigrant, and that means I am the child of immigrants. My eastern European heritage is alive and well, showing up as tenacity toward anything I put my mind to, having the bravery to try, and the will to walk toward the hard work and own the results. 


  • B.A., Journalism, Oakland University
  • PRSA Member
  • Completed PRSA Measurement & Analytics Program
  • Startup Boost Detroit mentor
  • Completed Inforum Genuine Leadership Presence™ 
  • Marketing mentor, MBK Detroit