Team / Kelly Gabry

Business Manager

Kelly Gabry

Even when the team is spinning in a million directions, Kelly is the anchor that keeps everyone grounded. She is a master of holding our ship together by being a skillful organizer and having the know-how to keep daily business running smoothly and efficiently. Kelly finds reward in prioritizing and taking action on team and business needs, and is always there to be a breath of fresh air or to offer a new perspective. She has worn many hats throughout her career that have impacted her strengths and variety of skills in the most positive way.

As business manager, Kelly helps grow Siren PR to its fullest potential, contributing to behind-the-scenes work, managing company finances, planning meaningful outings, and by being a positive influence in and out of the office.

What is your biggest professional accomplishment at Siren PR?
Keeping a thriving business organized and running smoothly is rewarding. I plan to continue to add my creative touch on the branding while juggling the team and the day-to-day business needs. I enjoy taking care of the team and the business’ needs, and try to go above and beyond making sure everyone is happy.

Which Siren PR value speaks to you the most? Why?
Authenticity – “Clear is kind.” I am real, not interested in faking it and surround myself with people that live their life with the same mindset. I do not play games. I say what I feel (sometimes to a fault), and I am comfortable in my own skin and wear it proudly.


  • A.A.S., Photography Imaging, Lansing Community College and Michigan State University
  • QuickBooks Certified