Team / Kristen Bujold

Senior Account Executive

Kristen Bujold

For Kristen, jumping into the PR field was a no brainer: She loves to tell stories. As a PR professional and media specialist, she is committed to making an impact and generating brand visibility for the clients she works with. From her time spent in a fast-paced newsroom covering high-profile stories, she has a strong understanding of how the media works and what reporters are looking for. Work highlights include sharing compelling stories with the general public through successful media campaigns; leading client-accounts through media relations strategies; organizing small- and large-scale events; working in multiple industries each day; and working tirelessly with clients to secure their home run.

As senior account executive, Kristen is responsible for leading media relations strategy, collaborating with team members to exceed client expectations and develop and shape compelling and unique stories to pitch to media.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career?
I want clients, potential clients, and colleagues to view me as an expert in the PR field and come to me as a resource for knowledge when it comes to all things media, from what is newsworthy, to the right reporters for your campaign, and how to build those important relationships. I want to continue learning everything I can, especially as the industry is constantly evolving and changing.

Which Siren PR value speaks to you the most? Why?
Authenticity: All of my colleagues are extremely authentic and I value working in that kind of environment – I can trust each and every one of them and I try to exude that same honesty, self-awareness and trustworthiness in everything I do.


  • B.A., Journalism, Western Michigan University