Team / Lindsey Walenga

Chief Executive Officer

Lindsey Walenga

A born leader and driven entrepreneur, Lindsey is the visionary force behind Siren PR’s business strategy and growth. As the company has evolved from an idea between two friends to a full-strength, strategic public relations firm, Lindsey has been a catalyst for transformational change for both Siren’s clients and team.

After six years of averaging 28 percent annual revenue growth, Lindsey knew that success wasn’t a reason to stop pushing. In 2018 she launched Siren Innovation Week. This five-day team experience, now held each fall, further solidifies Siren’s culture of trust and high performance, while sparking the creativity needed to meet the future head-on.

Lindsey’s greatest superpower is her ability to draw potential out of people, and ideas, in order to achieve results previously considered unattainable. From aligning the competing needs of stakeholders during a campaign, to empowering Siren team members to take risks that lead to great rewards, Lindsey sees opportunity for growth at every turn.

She is a writer, a dreamer and a doer who follows the wisdom of Brene Brown and Eckhart Tolle in her pursuit of continual improvement. As Siren strives to solve problems that PR clients have in different and better ways, Lindsey is leading the way with gratitude, bravery and love.

What is your biggest professional accomplishment at Siren PR?

Building a team of people who leave me in awe of their strength and character. Through a make-or-break company pivot, I defined our values and shifted our hiring model, allowing us to attract this team of authentic high performers who I am honored to know. Every Monday morning, walking through the door to our beautiful office, I am humbled by the people walking this path with us… humbled that we’ve built a team comfortable enough to laugh and cry together, and tough enough to drive each other forward. And at the center of this incredible culture is my partnership with Adela Piper, my co-founder and best friend.

Which Siren PR value speaks to you the most? Why?

Courage. I’ve always been someone who is afraid, but does it anyway. I know what it means to feel the pull of fear trying to drive my choices. On my better days I breathe through it, square my shoulders and step into the thing that makes me uncomfortable. Because I know I’ll come out stronger on the other side. When I see the spark of fear in front of me I know that is the direction I must go. It’s not easy, and sometimes it hurts like hell, but it’s worth it every time.


  • B.A., Organizational Communication, Western Michigan University
  • Board member, Northern Michigan Equine Therapy
  • Marketing lead, Techstars Startup Week Detroit 2018
  • Marketing mentor, MBK Detroit
  • Inforum Genuine Leadership Presence